Fall 2012:

MACS 410: Media Ethics (Clifford Christians)
Assignment: Defend a Normative Theory of Ethics as it pertains to truth, human dignity and non-violence.
Human Dignity in the Media

Fall 2014:

ADV 483: Audience Analysis (Sela Sar).
Assignment: Create a plan book report for a chosen client, relying on primary and secondary research to create a media plan.
Rockstar Plan Book

Spring 2015:

ADV 312: Advertising History (Dr. Jason Chambers)
Assignment: Develop a project on an individual who made a large impact on advertising history.
William Bernbach Final Project

Spring 2015: ADV 410: Advanced Public Relations (Katrina Olson)
Assignment :Research and interview a real-life client and present them with a ready-to-implement comprehensive PR plan.
Susan Harbourt PR Plan

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